Tehran, the capital of health in Islamic countries

novatixe تیر ۱۱, ۱۳۹۸

Dr. Mahdi Karimi, Head of the Policy Council of Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries, evaluated the capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of health tourism, and expressed his hope that by the accompaniment of “Health Ministry” and “Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran”, the “4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries will become an opportunity for effective introduction of these capabilities in the international arena.

He also assessed the capabilities of other Islamic countries including Turkey as an idol for other Islamic countries in branding and health services sectors and invited all active Iranian associations in tourism and health tourism field in order to participate effectively in this international congress.

He considered the title of the slogan (“Tehran, the capital of health in Islamic countries”) according

To the low rate of costs in health services and the quality of specialized services provided by The Islamic Republic of Iran and he sees that the implementation of this issue requires the cooperation of government institutions and effective participation of private sectors.

He specially invited Municipality of Tehran, according to the importance of foreign tourists attraction to an effective role for introducing available capacities in International environments.