Medicine And Medical Equipment

Manufacturers, importers and exporters of medical and medicine


Thursday, 10 Oct 2019 (14:00 – 16:00)

Sadaf Hall, Homa Hotel, Tehran, Iran


Using modern technologies in the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment manufacturing, in addition to providing part of items required by the Islamic countries, has also provided a platform for exporting various medicine and medical equipment to different countries.

In the past, the technology of medicine and medical equipment 
production, especially those related to specific patients and also needed by medical centers, was in the possession and discretion of some 
advanced countries; so for supplying the necessary medicines and equipment, they should be imported at a high cost from Europe or the United States.

But due to the significant progress made by Islamic countries, achieving the knowledge and technology related to this field has been provided.

The 4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries is focusing to provide a concise platform for Muslim countries to share their potential and promote more proximity among them.

In the panels, experts and officials will discuss the following issues:
-Role of medical, dentistry and laboratory equipment in promoting health in Islamic countries
-Obstacles and problems hindering development of relations among countries
-Particular capacities of countries in the area of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
-Sustainable access to medical services including medicine and equipment