Thursday, 10 Oct 2019 (10:00 – 12:00)

Sadaf Hall , Homa Hotel, Tehran, Iran

A look at the history of health tourism in Islamic countries reveals that the issue enjoys a history as old as the countries themselves in the Islamic world.

In past times, people would get away from their homes in order to get healthy with the help of mineral waters or traditional medicine in other countries. While, today we can see that what has become known as a health tourism program well-organized by relevant officials lacks a long record.

Health tourism with a proper understanding of its special importance is considered by developed countries as an industry and an important source of income an it is essential for Islamic countries, due to the special circumstances and potential of providing high quality services and low cost of treatments.

So this opportunity must be wisely exploited by adopting right policies and taking proper steps for boosting and developing this industry in Muslim countries.

In this regard, the meeting of senior officials and experts of Islamic countries in health tourism panel will focus on following topics:

-Developmental Approaches to Health Tourism in Different Countries

-The importance and economic value of health tourism in the Islamic world

-Reviewing the terms and conditions related obstacles, potentials and markets for health tourism in Islamic countries

-Opportunity and challenges in investment

-Introducing tourism capacities of countries for cooperation in the health tourism field