Giving special attention to active startups in the health tourism sector at the “4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries”

novatixe تیر ۱۱, ۱۳۹۸

In the news conference of the “4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries” Dr. Parviz Afshar, Director of Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries said:

This center has created the necessary infrastructures to support active startups and in this regard, special plans have been developed at the “4th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries”

He emphasized on the agreements that signed with other countries:

“A significant number of Memorandums of Cooperation were signed with various countries of the world since 4 years ago. We have also signed MOUs not only with Islamic countries, but also with countries outside the Islamic area.

Developing networks, supporting active startups in tourism and health tourism and also holding health tourism-related events are many of which agreements that have been implemented with other countries.”

Dr. Afshar said that the “4th International Health Congress if Islamic Countries” will be held in the Homa hotel in October and it will be different from previous years.

He added:

“One of the features of this meeting that compared to other meetings is that people can sit in front of each other and deal with their multilateral issues in business and health tourism development sector.”